After 15 years of creating wedding films, brand videos, corporate photography and other commercial work under Main Street Productions, we have launched Cinepear as a stand-alone company. Acting as a creative collaboration, we work together to achieve the client's goal.  Whether it is providing fresh content or a great story, we know what it takes to reach discerning customers. 

The Story Behind Our Name

At the beginning of our relationship with Miller Communications (Birmingham-based Marketing firm), we spoke with them about wanting a fresh name and logo.  Pleasing a husband and wife duo (plus a few others) can be a little hard.  Scott and his crew came up with 10 names - some that I (Angela) liked and some that only (John) liked.  There was one name we both agreed upon, Cinepear.  "Cine" for cinema/filmmaking and "pear" for two teams (a pair) working together.  Why not Cinepair then?  Because you can't have a cute little emoji 🍐. I like play-on words.

The Story Behind Our Tagline

Sometimes it all just runs together, don't you think?  In social media, you have Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, YouTube. It kind of makes you a little crazy, like you need to be in an institute...Are you seeing it yet?  Combine a few of those words and you get a Social Instatube.  I think it is hilarious! Besides if we had something predictble, what would we have to talk about?