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Two camera options for beginners

Is your son or daughter interested in photography? Our friends asked us to recommend a good starter camera for their daughter. After much research, we came up with a couple of options. First, the Canon Rebel series is very popular. They are a great camera with great functions. The drawback, no flip out screen. Basically, no screen to see your selfies. This might be a huge problem with your 12 year old. But if it is not, then check out this deal through Amazon. It comes with the camera body and two lenses (including a very long zoom) plus a bag.

Another option would be the Sony a5100. It comes with a battery, lens, and a FLIP OUT SCREEN. Plus it is lighter weight. This link will take you to a great deal that includes the camera, a couple of lenses and a tripod.

Both cameras are a great present for under $500 but also will give you a good assortment of everything you need to start in photography and videography.

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