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What to buy your 12 year old for Christmas?

Is your son or daughter interested in photography? Our friends asked us to recommend a good starter camera for their daughter. After much research, we came up with a couple of options. First, the Canon Rebel series is very popular. They are a great camera with great functions. The drawback, no flip out screen. Basically, no screen to see your selfies. This might be a huge problem with your 12 year old. But if it is not, then check out this deal through Amazon. It comes with the camera body and two lenses (including a very long zoom) plus a bag.

The newer version of this same camera can also be found on Amazon. Sure it is more expensive, but you can also look at the used prices of the Canon T6i.

Here is the camera that makes the most sense for a 12 year old just starting out in photography. The Sony a5100. It comes with a battery, lens, and a FLIP OUT SCREEN. Plus it is lighter weight.

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