A Social InstaTube:

You can run, but you can't hide! You can't wait any longer. Video stats throughout Birmingham are only rising.  Having real and believable video content on your front page of your website has been proven to increase your conversion rate by up to 80%!  You don't have time to stop running the day-to-day operations of your business to focus on your website and social media. That is where we can help you.  Let us produce the photo and video content you need so you stay relevant in this ever-changing social media age. Websites, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, & YouTube?  We love them all!  We can even help you with your social media management.  It's an exciting time right now - you can target your specific demographic easily while being budget-conscience on social media. 

Below are just a couple of our favorite videos.  Honestly they seem to change each week.  You can see more examples of our video production work on our blog and hear the case study of what the client was looking for and how they planned on using their video.

I’ve been working in public relations for 30 years, 20 working in the PR services industry, 10 running my own PR agency. Ultimately, my job is to tell a story and to sell a story. For an agency, the key to that is to find the right partners who just get it. No one gets it better than Cinepear. After hiring dozens of videographers in the first five years of my current business, I finally found someone who I could count on to tell a story better than anything I could have produced myself. John Deaver was that someone. I have not worked with anyone else since. He and his company are that good. You can count on it.
— Derek Farley, 150PR