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Episode 6 - Get seen by Google

In Episode 5 we share with you a small, easy tip with HUGE results.  Those are the kind of tips that I like.  If you get in the habit of it, then it can really make a difference on your SEO.  We've established that I'm cheap, right?  Paying to play was not something I was willing to do.  So disappointing to the 100s of SEO calls that I would receive about how to improve my ranking for as little as $1000.  Yeah, no thanks. 

Remember Google loves Google so therefore you have to do what you can to be seen by Google to affect your SEO.  One easy way is in how you name your pictures that you use on your website, Pinterest, etc.  You don't want to be using img4353.jpg - that name means NOTHING to Google. Always label your pictures with something that is searchable by Google. 

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