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Episode 2 - Written Companion Guide

For those of you that need the steps written down, here you go!

There are three ways that I showed you in Episode 2 to help you create hashtags with your Instagram posts.  

1 - Typing all of your hashtags into your Notes App on your iPhone.  Each time you post to Instagram, you can copy and paste from this section.  (My Old Way)

3 - Creating a text replacement shortcut on your keyboard (iPhone) so that your hashtags will auto-populate when you type your shortcut keyword. (Super Cool Trick)

3 - This was the mind-blowing option.  When you are in Instagram, ready to post, click the emoji symbol.  At the very front of all of the emojis, will be ... If you click those three dots, all of your hashtags that you have set up and saved (through text replacement) will auto-generate.  Now THAT is a time-saver.  


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